The HippoLuv Story

HippoLuv is a multi-state greeting card company. We offer greeting cards for early love, broken love, annoying love, and sometimes, not love at all. We’re currently based in Charlotte, NC, New York City, and Boston, MA. But enough about us, let’s talk more about us.

It all started when one hippo met another hippo and fell in love. Then a third hippo hung out with those two hippos and noticed their love has been blooming for two whole weeks. That third hippo congratulated the first hippo on reaching such a sought-after milestone. Then, the two hippos in love had the idea that they should sell greeting cards celebrating other love that has lasted two weeks. After that, they told that third hippo about the idea, and that third hippo agreed to write all the greeting cards. Then, a fourth hippo, the brother of that first hippo, agreed to draw all the greeting cards. And then the first hippo from before decided to expand their market and cover all kinds of love, not just early love. Which ultimately lead to HippoLuv being born. True story.

So whether you’re a hippo or not, buy someone special a HippoLuv card and show them you at least care enough to get them a card.

So maybe we’re not really hippos… but we can dream.


New York, NY

Boston, MA

Charlotte, NC
Marketing & Printing